Starts Friday, April 3rd!
Join our free virtual cinema club in the age of Coronavirus.  

In solidarity with those responsibly self-isolating, Filmatique has created 7 Days of Cinema, a virtual film club encouraging connection and community in the age of coronavirus. From April 3-10th, Filmatique's curators will unlock a new film daily, available to watch in the United States completely for free.

The global coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live our lives from day to day, while exerting
unprecedented pressure on our health infrastructure. In these precarious times, the very best thing
average citizens can do to help slow the virus’s transmission rate is to simply stay at home.

In solidarity with those responsibly self-isolating, Filmatique has created 7 Days of Cinema, a weeklong
program of free daily films. Filmatique’s curators will present one film per day, for 7 days, available to
watch in the US completely free of charge. In the absence of normal quotidian routines and social
interaction, this virtual film club seeks to offer a space of solace, connection, and community.

A statement from our Head Curator, Ursula Grisham:
“Like many of you, I’m at home. I’ve been home for a while, and I don’t know how much longer I’ll
be here. Self-isolation takes its toll, but this is the single most important thing we can do to limit
the spread of the novel coronavirus, which seems to have irrevocably altered our daily lives.
In an effort to encourage connection, even diversion, in these uncertain times, Filmatique has
created 7 Days of Cinema. Each day, for seven days, our curators will present one of their
favorite films—which you can watch for free. You won’t need to sign up for a trial or enter your
credit card information. Just go to our website and watch each day’s film, for free.

The aim of this virtual movie club is to open a space of reflection, discovery, and connectedness
amid an atmosphere of paralysis and fear. The coronavirus pandemic has radically undermined
our social rituals—we can no longer seek solace in each other's company. So where can we
turn? Filmatique has long believed in cinema as a tool to help us learn to think differently, to ask
different questions, to see the world through different eyes. Perhaps this moment of crisis can
also serve as a moment of pause—and perhaps by watching these films together, we can forge
new forms of connection.

Feel free to share this program with your family, friends, and loved ones—and tune into our social
channels to listen to our curators and collaborators discuss each film. Please stay safe, stay
home if you're able to, and enjoy.”

7 Days of Cinema will officially launch on Friday, April 3rd.