Pre-movie Fashion & Artist Panel Featuring:

BYV_Trubb //Fashion Designer//

He is a musician, designer, and curator from Atlanta. 

BYV_TrubbrockstarJackets is the name of his clothing brand, a streetwear fashion brand made 100% from upcycled pieces. He is a solo rapper and in the punk rock band, "HollowBody." Although some of the clothing and music undeniably come with a punk, urban, rap mix-up approach, "Trubb's clothes and music are made for all walks of people.


Zorae Dunn //Fashion Designer//

 Rae Leeor is a revolutionary clothing brand that stands at the intersection of style and unity and is dedicated to empowering women to express their individuality confidently. We believe in celebrating the multifaceted beauty within. Words to describe the brand Rae Leeor are bold, inclusive, and authentic. This brand embraces fearless fashion choices, encouraging women to step into the spotlight with confidence and authenticity. At the heart of our brand is a community of committed women working together modeling pieces that celebrate unique styles. Our designs are a genuine reflection of the modern fashion sense. 


LB //Hip-Hop Artist// 

She is a dynamic force in the Hip-Hop community, often compared to the legendary Missy Elliott, adding her flair to the narrative. Her commanding presence on stage has ignited numerous venues, from her hometown of Tampa to the vibrant music scene of Athens and Atlanta. With an arsenal of rap styles and a professional dancing background, LB proves herself to be a pure entertainer in every sense. Her style exudes eccentricity, complemented by intricate wordplay in her original songs. Creativity is not just a strength for LB—it is an integral part of her identity, seamlessly woven into her Hip-Hop fashion and performances.


Amun-Ra //Hip-Hop Emcee//


AMUN-RA (pronounced Ah Moon-Rah )

(The Hidden Light) 

The God Emcee Amun-Ra offers a repertoire of conventional "Hip Hop" and metaphysical nuances that create a hypnotizing spiritual experience. A broad base of metaphysical knowledge gives Amun-Ra the attention and focus from the audience. Bringing the crowd to a deep, methodical trance. Amun-Ra has the crowd swaying while he is spitting pure fire! "I incarnate from time to time when I'm needed. Right now I'm needed in Hip-Hop music"- Amun-Ra, aka Chief Flowing Water (Voice of the Source) 


9pm LAB: Pre-Movie Music Showcase


Music by DJ Kountry

He has been a DJ at multiple venues in Athens, ATL, and other cities outside of Georgia. He started by putting Athens artists on the map by creating an Athens Cypher series on YouTube and putting out mixtapes. His sets are something everyone should experience. 


Featuring musical performances by:

Farin //Hip-Hop & Reggae Dancehall Artist//

He was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he started his journey with Hip-Hop and Reggae Dancehall. Farin then moved to Chicago for twenty years, where those two genres found a permanent place in his life. In 2015, he moved to Georgia, where he has been rocking stages ever since. 


Nony1 //Hip-Hop Artist//

 An Athens rapper and entrepreneur with a unique style and unparalleled passion for music, Nony1 has been making waves in the music industry with his dynamic rap style and captivating lyrics. His music reflects his life experiences, often infused with infectious beats and relatable lyrics. With 30,000+ streams on his tracks, he has garnered a loyal fanbase with hits like "2 at a Time," "Nony for President," and "Throw It." Nony1 has constantly pushed the boundaries of his creativity and musicality. He is resilient and able to create thought-provoking music even in challenging times.


Cardynal //Music Artist//

A multifaceted producer, rapper, songwriter, and bandleader with a wide range of influences and a hard-to-define but easy to catch on to sound. 



10p Cinema 

Music Video Preview:


Montu Miller Presenting:


Fresh Dressed delves into the dynamic history of Hip-Hop and Urban fashion, tracing its journey from the streets of 1970s South Bronx to the bustling urban landscape and beyond into the realms of corporate America. Through a wealth of archival materials and insightful interviews with key figures, Fresh Dressed explores the origins of style within Black and Brown communities, capturing the essence of its evolution and influence.