Kurt Silvershield: Photographs

Kurt Silvershield. RR Ties with Smokestack.
Cold press archival pigment C print.
20" x 30” unframed ($275), 34" x 41” framed ($475)


Kurt Silvershield: Photographs
July 1 – August 25, 2024

ATHICA@Ciné Gallery presents an exhibition of photographs by Kurt Silvershield taken in the heavily industrial landscape of the River Rouge and Zug Island area near Detroit between 2018 and 2021.

As far back as I can remember, I have been drawn to, and intrigued by,
out of the way, overlooked, and abandoned places. As a photographer,
these places evoke for me, a rich tapestry of ideas and feelings:
entropy and renewal, the resiliency of nature, surprising instances of
striking beauty, odd juxtapositions, mournful echoes and ghosts of
time past. I find post-industrial landscapes to be a rich source for
photographs with these qualities.

— Kurt Silvershield

This is Silvershield’s first solo exhibition for ATHICA. He was selected by the ATHICA Exhibitions Committee to be featured in the Solo Duo Trio series, which provides opportunities for individual artists to exhibit their work at ATHICA and its partner location, ATHICA@Ciné.



About the Artist

Kurt Silvershield was born in New York City a long time ago. Attended the University of Georgia. Worked various jobs in the photo industry In Atlanta. Moved to San Francisco, and obtained a BFA in photography from SF State University. Opened and ran “Silverprint Photographics” a photo studio doing commercial and creative work for two decades. Traveled extensively. Saw and photographed much of the world. Returned to Athens with his wife (Simone) and daughter (Karlin). Hoping to live here “happily ever after.”


Kurt Silvershield: Photographs is sponsored in part by The James E. and Betty J. Huffer Foundation, The Georgia Council for the Arts, and The National Endowment for the Arts.