Evan Morgan is an Athens based artist and tattooer working at Truth & Roses Tattoo on the back side of Chase St. warehouses. He was born and raised in Hawaii and received his BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. His time in the pacific has instilled in him a love of nature and Japanese printmaking. This collection of birds and botanicals are painted with Sumi-e ink washes and Vermillion. These paintings are reflections on the little moments he catches while out in the garden or walking in the woods. Little bits of froze magic in time.  

All work for sale and available to be tattooed. evanmorgantattoo@gmail.com 
Follow him on Instagram @evanmorgantattoo 
Image: Barn Swallow & Wisteria 
Sumi-e Ink and Vermillion Arches 300 gsm
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