Ciné Critic Job Description

Position Description

This position provides free early “sneak peek” access to movies arriving at Ciné and an opportunity to share your critical views with your own personal audience and Ciné patrons!

We seek compelling local voices to share clear, lively insights about Ciné's upcoming films. We want to recruit and develop a diverse group of reviewers who want to share reactions and recommendations. Think of it as your "critic's pick" reactions and recommendations of what films people should seek out each month. Each critic has a personality, and a part of our goal is to nurture your distinct critical voice and perspective.

We expect our First Take critics to be avid moviegoers, and have an interest in reviewing films. Even if you have never written a film review, or have never seen a film at Ciné, but are a compelling writer, you may be a perfect fit for this opportunity. A good film review should provide the reader with a clear picture of your opinion of a film, should be supported with facts, demonstrate an understanding of film genre, cinematography, music, and sound. You may not have ever written a film review or consider yourself a film critic, but we are interested in finding excellent writers we can shape into excellent film critics.

We expect critics with ethics and integrity who will write honest reviews. If you hate the film, tell your readers why. If you love the film, tell your readers why. We want you to include a critical assessment of the film including both positive and negative aspects.

We will not tolerate plagiarism, trolling, discrimination, or other hateful or harmful conduct on any platform that mentions the name or brand of Ciné.

A perk of being a Ciné Critic is that you will see films for free BEFORE the public sees them. A movie is usually prescreened one day before its run is scheduled to begin.

Position Responsibilities:
  • Write with honesty and integrity
  • Commit to previewing at least 6 films a year
  • We generally preview films on Thursdays between 2:00p - 4:00p. If you want to participate in this program, you will need to be available during that time slot. If you are really interested in this program but simply cannot be available in this time slot, please apply anyways and then send an email to our coordinator Stephanie Lynn at to let us know why - for example are you a HS or college student that can't be out of class at that time? We will try to make an accommodation for you if you meet all other requirements and we select you as one of our 10 critics.
  • Commit to write and post a review on your social media outlets for each film you preview
  • Commit to serving in this post for one year, renewable, at our discretion, for a maximum of 3 years
Desirable Qualifications
In addition to an interest in film, the ideal candidates will possess:
  • A distinctive writing style which gives the reader a compelling and clear picture of your opinion of the film, and demonstrates your understanding of the genre, cinematography, music and sound
  • A social media profile on at least one of the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or Pinterest
  • An interest in film
  • Some experience publishing content to content management system like Wordpress or Drupal (or at least a willingness to learn)
Position Benefits:
  • Unlimited Free access to film previews before public showings - you must write a review for each film you preview
  • Free Supporting Cast Single Membership ($75 value)
    • 5 free popcorns per year
    • 1 free admission to regular movie showing
    • Cine Parking Pass, valid after 5p most evenings (some exceptions)
    • $7.00 member pricing for all regular shows
    • Participation in loyalty program
    • Attend 1 free member event
  • Eligible for additional free benefits and bonus member points if you exceed the position requirements to post 6 film reviews per year.
  • Eligible for the annual "Film Critic of the Year" award which comes with additional benefits and prizes (to be determined).
Position Pay:

This position is voluntary and unpaid.

Application Cycle

We will accept applications from September 15 - September 30, 2020. Applicants will be notified of acceptance to the program by October 15. The inaugural group of First Take Cine Critics will begin their terms on October 26, 2020.

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