New Works

By Christina Habibi

March 1 – April 25, 2023

ATHICA@Ciné Gallery presents an exhibition of new paintings by the Athens-based artist Christina Habibi, who works with acrylic and oil on large abstract canvases.  The works on exhibition represent a departure from Habibi’s earlier body of work, in which paint slid, swirled, and spattered on the canvas in pure abstraction. These new works suggest a vibrant and vivid physical space in which architectural and structural elements are juxtaposed with single words that are variously iconic, frontal, suggestive, or obscured. Layered, oblique, and urgent, these paintings activate the gallery with color and energetic declamations.

Habibi affirms her commitment to abstraction, stating that "I believe that abstract art has the power to challenge and stimulate the viewer’s imagination and to open up new perspectives and possibilities."



About the Artist

Christina Habibi is from Tehran, Iran. She currently creates art from her home studio in Athens, Georgia. Habibi has been creating art for over 30 years and her work has been shown in galleries throughout the US, in the film Dear White People, and featured in the Twin Cities PBS Series, Minnesota Original.

As an abstract artist, her work is driven by emotion, intuition, and the exploration of color, line, form, and text. Through her art, she encourages viewers to engage with the visual language of abstract art on their own terms, and to find their own meaning and connection to the work.

Instagram: christinahabibi

Web: https://habibiart.com/

New Works by Christina Habibi is sponsored in part by The James E. and Betty J. Huffer Foundation, The Georgia Council for the Arts, and The National Endowment for the Arts.