On Nov. 12 and 13, 2021, Athens Georgia’s one and only underground filmmaking collective Gonzoriffic will celebrate their 20 year anniversary with a pair of late night screenings at Athens Ciné. 

The event will begin in the Ciné lobby at 10 p.m. both nights with a career-spanning slide show of behind the scenes photos, stills and posters from the past two decades of Gonzoriffic’s unique brand of feminist b-movies and experimental videos.

At 11:15 p.m., ticket holding guests will move into the screening room for a 90-minute program of Gonzoriffic’s latest films, including the premieres of “Haunted Hotcakes” and “Three Hole Punch,” and tribute presentation of writer-director Coquette de Jour’s 2015 movie “Bleeding Candy” starring the late Leche GaGa of the Classic City Rollergirls.

Gonzoriffic co-founder and Athens resident Andrew Shearer began making short films with his friends and bandmates in 2001, and was discovered by the Athens
Film Foundation in 2003. Gonzoriffic’s “PsychoVixens” premiered at the 40 Watt Club during AthFest 2004, and Ciné began hosting yearly programs of their films in 2008.

“Early on, it became clear to us that the most punk thing we could do in a music town was make movies instead, but with the DIY approach of a local band,” said Shearer. “Gonzoriffic remains as underground as it gets.”