Patrick Read Johnson

Avalon Films

John Francis Daley
Austin Pendleton Christopher Lloyd
Colleen Camp
Neil Flynn
Steve Coulter
Emmi Chen
Katie Jeep
Justin Mentell

5-25-77: USA 2017, Digital, Color, English, PG13, 132 min


Written and directed by Patrick Read Johnson over the course of thirteen years, this highly anticipated coming of age film stars John Francis Daley as a teenage filmmaker living in Wadsworth, Illinois, and his excitement for the premiere of STAR WARS on May 25, 1977.

It all began on a Wednesday. A school day even.

On that day, forty years ago, a little-known film, with minimal advertising and a ridiculously modest budget opened in theaters across America. Within 24 hours, everyone knew its name. Within 48 hours, everyone was standing in line to see it.

Imagine being a teen-ager, yearning to break free of everything teenagers need to break free of. Imagine believing Hollywood is the bright center of the universe and knowing you’re a resident of the town it’s farthest from. And for one magic week, you’re suddenly allowed a tour of your dream—guided by the very people who inspired it.

Now imagine that week is over and you have to go back to “the edge of the edge of nowhere” and go on living as a perpetual outsider in the midst of everything and everyone you’ve ever cared about—and all the while the voice of Steven Spielberg is echoing in your mind, saying, “If you really want to be a part of all this, you need to move to L.A.”

What do you choose? The familiar territory of your past? Or the undiscovered country of your future? 5-25-77 is a coming-of-age story about the only sci-fi-obsessed teen filmmaker in his rural hometown and the amazing series of events that propel him toward May 25, 1977 — the day a little movie called STAR WARS opened in theaters everywhere.