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Q: "What kind of movies are you showing?"
A: "Independent and foreign films and documentaries."

Q: "I signed up for a membership but haven't received my packet. Where is it?"
A: "Check with the box office or contact membership @ to have it mailed to you."

Q: "I've heard Cine serves alcohol."
A: "Yes, there is a full bar!"

Q: "Can you take your drink into the screening room?"
A: "Yes - in fact the stemless wine glasses fit nicely into the cup holders."

Q: "Can you smoke in there?"
A: "No, because it's illegal and it would not make any sense."

Q: "Do you take film suggestions ?"
A: "Yes. Click here to send us your ideas."


Q: "I just made a movie. Can I show it in your theater?"
A: "Possibly. Send us a copy of your film for review."

Q: "Can I rent a screening room?"
A: "Of course! Contact us here for more details."

Q: "How can I get involved?"
A: "Send an e-mail to: info @ with your name, contact info and how you would like to be
involved with Ciné, and we'll be in touch."