about ciné
Ciné is very fortunate to be able to rely on the advice and cooperation of truly experienced professionals in
the fields of film arts, film programming, projection and sound technology, and visual art in general.
Film and Technology Advisors
James Bond
As a practitioner of the motion picture projection arts,James Bond has worked with architects to construct theaters designed to serve the highest expectations of filmmakers and directors. His more notable conquests include Frank Gehry's REDCAT Theater at the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago.
Nate Kohn PhD
Nate Kohn is a scholar, educator, motion picture writer and producer, and festival director. He teaches screen writing, film production, and critical theory at the University of Georgia and is the Associate Director for the prestigious Peabody Awards, honoring the best in electronic media. Most recently he co-produced “Somebodies” with Pam Kohn. Kohn co-founded and directs Roger Ebert’s Overlooked Film Festival as well as the Classic Film Festival in Athens.
Pamela Kohn
Pamela Kohn has been involved in the marketing of motion pictures at film festivals around the world, including Cannes, Toronto, and the American Film Market. As a producer, Kohn has worked on a number of acclaimed films including SOMEBODIES, the 2006 Sundance hit. Most recently she produced RAIN, the first indigenous Bahamian feature film. Currently she is working on film and television projects in varying stages of development, including projects in South Africa, where she was born. Kohn has also been the Director and Producer of Robert Osborne's annual Classic Film Festival in Athens, Georgia.
Richard Neupert PhD
Richard Neupert, a Josiah Meigs Distinguished Professor of Film Studies, teaches cinema history and criticism at the University of Georgia. Author of THE END, A HISTORY OF THE FRENCH NEW WAVE CINEMA, and FRENCH ANIMATION HISTORY. Neupert hosts the annual French Film Festival and coordinates Film Studies at UGA.
Richard Siegesmund PhD
Richard Siegesmund first encountered film at a drive-in double feature theater in a 55 Chevy accompanied by large bowls of homemade pop corn and iced down bottles of Nehi Orange soda. With this foundation he moved on to become a print maker and well known administrator in community-based arts organizations and is now Assistant Professor of Art Education at the University of Georgia and Brigitta Hangartner’s trophy husband.
Senain Kheshgi
Rockefeller Award Winner, Senain Kheshgi, is a Pakistani-American documentary filmmaker who has produced, written, and directed projects for CNN, ABC NEWS, Discovery, A&E, and MSNBC. She co-produced THE FIRST YEAR, which received the G. F. Peabody award, directed FAMILY RECIPE, a short film for the Queen's Museum of Art in New York, and collaborated with filmmaker Sophie Fiennes on HOOVER STREET REVIVAL, a BBC documentary. She is currently directing a feature documentary about the conflict in Kashmir; PROJECT KASHMIR, funded by Sundance Documentary Fund and ITVS.

Ciné Crew
Brigitta Hangartner PhD — Founder, Executive Director
Questions of how people deal with each other and with their environment have always been a central interest for her; whether it was as psychotherapist doing group therapy or later as environmental psychologist researching and designing public, urban spaces. In film—her oldest love—she is also most intrigued by the drama and dance of human relationships; how they play out in comedy and tragedy and in different cultures.
Kamala Lyons — PR/Events Director
Kamala Lyons has been involved in the production and promotion of independent film projects in the Athens area for over ten years, most recently as the co-founder & director of FilmAthens, hosting community screening events with the AthFest Music and Arts Festival, the Athens Area Arts Council, and the Atlanta Film Festival; and as the director of Athens TeenScreen, a collaborative filmmaking workshop project for local teens.