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Films Worth Seeing-
State of the Art Presentation

Ciné screens a variety of intriguing films from a broad spectrum of countries and cultures. The newest domestic and foreign productions as well as movie classics and retrospectives, feature as well as documentary films are shown. The selection includes well known crossover independent films and small budget films, discoveries from festivals, and local productions.

Thus the program at Ciné in Athens is much like those of European art house theaters and selected for profit/non-profit venues in the United States. Most importantly; Ciné has its own personality through carefully selected films by movie savvy individuals and as a place for Athens film lovers to meet and exchange their views.

True film appreciation is not thinkable without the highest quality of presentation and theater environment. The technical equipment and design of the theaters is therefore given as much care and importance as the choice of films. Stadium seating allows optimal view of often subtitled films. Greatest efforts have been made to have projection and sound quality on the highest possible level through cutting edge technology.


Preservation Meets Modern Design

Principles of new urbanism; preservation and adaptive re-use, guided the search for the perfect building for Ciné. Patience over time paid off: The Ciné building at Athens' West Hancock Avenue was built in the 1940s by Downs Motors, a Chrysler-Plymouth dealership. Downs showroom’s history includes the presentation of firsts from Chrysler such as the Town and Country Convertible. The second occupant was a US post office annex, followed most recently by the Snow Tire Company Recap Plant. The outside of the barrel roofed, yellow brick box has been renovated, the historic tin ceiling preserved, and the rest of the empty inside transformed into a modern, industrial space. The well known "Old Snow Tire" building, with its ideal downtown location and its ample 10,000 square feet foot print, has been converted into a new, lively, and stimulating gathering space for Athenians.